10.20.2021 ~ edited a ton of stuff !! check out the rss symbol for more info i guess

8.31.2021 ~ moved idex.html's code to home.html and revamped index.html

8.30.2021 ~ created and edited shrine.html & sitemap.html

8.09-29.2021 ~ added some graphics and other stuff. forgot to update this again hjsjssh

8.08-15.2021 ~ added a bunch of stuff including an art page!! forgot to *update* to my update log

8.07.2021 ~ added some more graphics to index.html, added a pets to pets.html

8.06.2021 ~ added some graphics to index.html, added a fandom/interests section to index.html as well :]

8.05.2021 ~ changed some of the css on the site n added new animatied text to index.html n stuff

8.02.2021 ~ finished up pets.html, added a quiz answers section to funnys.html and removed the diary section.

8.01.2021 ~ added some stuff to index.html

7.31.2021 ~ made a button for people to link back to my website with ehehe

7.31.2021 ~ added a music page (music.html) and also added a section to my main page with some rad websites :)

7.30.2021 ~ revamped index.html and added some stuff to kiwi funhouse ! also added an update log ! yay !