enoki/quinn he/it teenager mixed (white + hispanic)

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hi hi hi im enoki or quinn and this is my silly website. i like to program and draw and sew and craft and stuff. web design is pretty fun for me but im definitly an amatuer, so bear with me as i learn how to make this website look alright.


watching: the disasterous life of saiki k, soul eater, squid game, jujutsu kaisen, hunter x hunter. playing: omori, yttd.

reading: komi can't communicate, randal's friends.

stuff i like

slasher/horror movies (black christmas, re-animator, the saw franchise, friday the 13th, )

musicals (heathers, little shop of horrors, the rocky horror picture show).

music (utaite ((luz, e ve, nqrse, mafumafu, riinu)), the garden, lemon demon, will wood, mother mother, oingo boingo, nayutalien powapowaP, pinocchioP, ferry, pilotredsun, the garden, weezer ((i am so funny i promise), they might be giants, jack stauber))

web design/coding (html, css, dont know much about javascript but i plan to learn it!!).

arts and crafts (sewing, costume making, sculpting).



keychain buddies, plushies, toys.

mycology (favorite fungis: false morels, western destroying angels, dead man's fingers,and enokitakes (⌒‿⌒)).

my own ocverse (kinda. sometimes i wanna scrap everything about it but its fun to write and draw about it)

gum an tictacs an mints


the colors pink and purple

comics/manga (randal's friends, komi cant communicate, the sam & max comics, + more i cant think of right now)

shows/animes (the disasterous life of saiki k, magica madoka, soul eater, sam & max, hunter x hunter, jujutsu kaisen)

videogames (omori, yttd, style savvy trendsetters, animal crossing, the kirby franchise + more probably)

grape flavored stuff


web 1.0

stickers, patches, and pins